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Towelmate products are carefully designed for your active lifestyle.  Our patented towels keep you comfortable, organized, and help keep germs at bay.  Whether sunning yourself at the beach, exercising at the gym, or improving your swing on the golf course, Towelmate products help you keep it all together with patented pockets for convenient and discreet storage of your belongings.

Our gym towel with pockets features a double layer of terry cloth with a barrier in the middle that helps reduce contact with germs.  The clever design has “GYM” printed on one side and “SKIN” printed on the other, making it easy to remember which side to use to wipe off equipment and which side to use on your skin.

Our beach towels for adults and kids have the same hidden pockets as our gym towels to keep your phone, keys—even your tablet safe from the elements.  And, after a day at the beach or a workout at the gym, our terry cloth seat covers are a great way to protect your car seats from moisture and sand.

At Towelmate, we center our products on convenience and innovation.  We make it easy to reduce your contact with germs and keep your necessities handy. Our products include the best golf towel, beach towel, car seat covers, and gym machine handle covers, for your on-the-go lifestyle.  Our product line continues to grow in order to provide innovative solutions that will make your favorite activities even more enjoyable.

Towelmate products are ideal for both personal use and as gifts for your active friends.  The convenience of our towels might even inspire you to get to the gym more regularly!  Browse our inventory and check back regularly to find our new products.