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Towelmate Exercise Towel Collection

Towelmate has been hard at work on groundbreaking technology and fresh designs when it comes to your exercise towel, golf towel, yoga mat towels, and more. The next generation of gym and sports accessories is finally here. Don’t settle for the same old towels that act as the perfect germ-collectors. It’s time for a fresh, new, and contemporary take on the exercise towel.

Towelmate’s fitness towels are perfect for your next trip to the local gym or as your p90x workout towels. This exercise towel features breakthrough germ shield technology in the middle of soft terrycloth layers so that you will stay clean and safe from the many contaminants looming on gym equipment. Plus, the two sides are labeled GYM/SKIN so you will know which side to use at all times without mixing them up. There’s even a handy sports strap on this exercise towel for easy portability to the gym. This provides a simple way to hang it from the equipment you are using.

The yoga mat, carrying case, and yoga mat towels come in an all-in-one set that makes your favorite exercise practice much more convenient. The nonslip underside of the mat is perfect for keeping it in place while you do your best downward dog, and the absorbent, super soft micor-fiber top brings a whole new level of comfort. There are even protective, water-resistant pockets so that you can safely stow your valuables while you get into your poses. No more stressing out about keeping an eye on your things during a crowded class! Just stash your personal items and relax as you stretch out your tension. The yoga mat towels are easily stashed in a portable carrying case so that you will always have all of your yoga supplies handy when you need them, and can quickly pack them up once you are finished.

There is even the perfect new update to the golf towel that also features a special germ shield layer in the middle of the terrycloth to protect your health. The GOLF/SKIN labels on each side will ensure that you always know which area has touched your skin, and which area has touched dirt, lawn chemicals, pond water, and anything else you encounter out on the green. A special hidden zippered pocket has labeled compartments for your tees, sunglasses, phone, and more. Keep all of your valuables in one place from the first drive to the final putt of the day. The handy bag clip/water bottle holder makes it easy to attach to your golf bag so you won’t have to carry a thing. This reinvented golf towel has everything you need to make preparation for your next game easier so you can focus more on having fun.