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Handlebar Covers

Handlebar Covers


  • Reduces contact with germs

  • Absorbs sweat

  • Keeps hands dry and grip secure

  • Adjustable Velcro closure fits most equipment

  • Comes in 2 sporty colors to inspire your workout

How icky are the handlebars on the bikes at your gym?

Aren't you sick of draping a slippery towel over the handlebars of the stationary bike or treadmill to keep your hands off other people's sweat? You need the TowelMate Handlebar Covers. Made from soft, absorbent 100% cotton terry, our Handlebar Covers have an adjustable Velcro closure so they fit most equipment; your hands stay dry and your grip stays secure for a better workout - you'll be the envy of your spin class!

TowelMate Handlebar Covers make a perfect addition to your work out towels and ensure that you keep your hands free from germs that circulate in gyms and end up on your work out equipment. Stay sanitary, dry, and enjoy an extra soft, comfortable grip. Say goodbye to sweaty palms and say hello to our cushy Handlebar Covers. They’re small and effortlessly portable, making them much easier to carry around than a larger exercise towel.

Keep your grip and never slip with the secure Velcro closure. Available in black and pink, TowelMate Handlebar Covers fit on most exercise equipment you’ll find at your gym. A portion of all proceeds go towards the fight against breast cancer so your purchase is not only a smart decision, but a charitable one as well.

The Handlebar Covers also make great gifts for the gym enthusiasts in your life. These adaptable work out towels will be used time and time again, and appreciated for their versatility and everyday usefulness. So stop holding on to gym equipment coated with residue from other people’s sweat and germs. Keep a firm, sanitary, and comfortable grip with TowelMate Handlebar Covers.

*Disclaimer: The proper use of this product as a barrier from or to wipe away moisture associated with gym equipment may reduce potential exposure to germs and bacteria. This product has not been tested in a lab; its use is not guaranteed to prevent the spread of illness or disease.

  • Beach Express  
  • Black  
  • Black/Bubblegum  
  • Blue/Gray/Cream  
  • Bubblegum/White  
  • Cream/Serene Green 
  • Green  
  • Green/White  
  • Happy Mermaids  
  • Mist/Sapphire 
  • Navy/Steel  
  • Pink/Yellow/Green  
  • Purple/Chocolate/Cream  
  • Maroon Hibiscus  
  • Zebralicious  
  • Ziggy Stripe  
  • Urban Stripe  
  • Pink  
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