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Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover


  • Pure, soft 100% cotton absorbs sweat and moisture, keeping upholstery clean and dry

  • Hidden, headrest design

  • Convenient storage in its self-contained pouch

  • Fits any car seat

  • Black terry hides a multitude of sins

If you’re tired of scrambling to find something to put between you and your car seats after that three-hour hike or sweltering Bikram yoga session, Towelmate has your solution. If you’re reluctant to put your convertible top down in the summer because the seats get too hot, or your seats reach near freezing temperatures in the winter, Towelmate has the fix!

Our car seat towel covers make it easy to enjoy the best features of your car without the discomfort that can come from extreme temperatures—and, they’re great for protecting your car seats. A trip to the beach may leave you soaked and covered with sand, which can be damaging to delicate materials and difficult to remove from your car’s interior. No problem—our terry towel car seat covers can be quickly placed over seats to keep them clean and dry. Our car seat covers are comfortable and absorbent, providing the perfect barrier between you and your car’s upholstery.

Made from high-quality, 100% pure cotton black terry, our car seat covers are unobtrusive and are easy and efficient to use—when not needed, they roll up into an attached pouch and can be hidden neatly and discreetly behind your headrest.

Once you discover how versatile and comfortable Towelmate seat covers are you will never want to be without them again! Our products are useful for everyone, and they fit any vehicle seat. Whether you live in a warm, cold, or seasonal climate, they are certain to come in handy regularly. It couldn’t be easier or faster to protect your vehicle’s upholstery and add a layer of comfort!

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