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Towel with Zipper Pocket


At Towelmate, we want to make sure that you can keep your essentials organized, dry and undamaged. We also want to make sure your belongings are easy for you to reach and kept out of the hands of that shifty person who is checking out your brand-new iPod. The Towelmate towel with zipper pocket discreetly conceals all of your valuables, so that you can hit the beach, gym, golf green, and much more, without worry. Never lose your keys or wonder where you stuck your phone, again, and stop carrying around that bulky wallet in your pants pocket. Zippered storage pockets make it easy to free up your hands and keep everything important in one safe place.

Towelmate zippered storage pockets are designed to perfectly fit your electronic devices. We are officially licensed by Apple and have pockets sized to fit your iPhone, iPod and/or iPad. Our pockets are lined with a super-silky, water-resistant material, so that your essentials easily glide in and out with no snagging.

Our Ultimate Beach Towel and Ultimate Lockable Pool Towel have pockets on either side of the built-in pillow. The right pocket has a hidden zipper on the outside, and inside are 3 labeled compartments with Velcro closures that are sized perfectly for phone, keys and sunglasses. The left pocket is sized to hold an iPad, but, of course, accommodates sunblock, a book or your brand new shell collection. The Kids size of the Ultimate Beach Towel has two pockets for sunblock, toys, games or shells. Your child won’t risk losing toys that get buried in the sand or left behind at the end of the day.

The Fitness Towel and Golf Towel have a large, water-resistant pocket with a hidden zipper closure. On the inside, it is divided into labeled compartments that are perfectly sized for your phone, keys, iPod, gym ID, and more. The gym towel with zipper pocket eliminates the need to use a gym locker, allowing you to keep your items at your side at all times.

Our Yoga Mate Towel & Mat combination rolls up into its own integrated carrying case. The case is made with a generously sized water-resistant pocket, with a hidden outside zipper. Inside, it’s divided into conveniently labeled pockets that hold your smart phone, keys and yoga pass, so you are equipped and ready to go. Get into the Zen zone, without keeping a constant eye on your belongings or losing something.