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How many times have you realized that you just wiped your face with the side of the towel that was lying down on the rowing machine? Have you ever mopped your sweaty brow and realized you just used the same towel you used to wipe off your nine iron?

At Towelmate, we put the fun back in function and take the germ out of germophobe. We understand that our customers live busy lives, trying to squeeze in fitness, rest and play into their already packed daily schedules. So we’ve designed the perfect fitness towels so they can minimize their worry, organize their stuff, and keep themselves flexible, mobile and clean --throughout their days.

Have you wondered where to put your iPod, iPad, or wallet while you work out, or lounge by the pool while on vacation? Tired of carrying a ton of stuff and then losing it while you’re on the go? Other features of our fitness towels include zippered storage pockets. These state-of-the-art designs are perfect places to drop in your valuables and enjoy a hassle-free workout or beach day.

Our dual-sided towels help eliminate confusion, and keep germs and dirt off your face, and out of your eyes and nose. With our premium and plush Fitness towels, there’s no more guesswork about which side is which. If our dual color design doesn’t make it obvious enough, then our labels sure do. These user-friendly towels use words and color designs to help you steer clear of germs and have a greater peace of mind during your fitness routine, beach time, and more.

Our fitness towels have a GYM side and a SKIN side; Golf towels have a GOLF side and a SKIN side; Pool towels have a POOL side and a LOUNGE side; Beach towels have a BEACH side and a BODY side; the Beach towel for kids has a SAND side and a SUN side.

Now you’ll always know which side is up!