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How do you turn lost car keys at the beach and a succession of stepped-on, lost, stolen and sweated-on electronic devices into a nascent multi-million-dollar business?

Well, when childhood pals and successful businessmen Jon Margalit and Ricky Aladort compared notes about separate experiences - Ricky had buried car keys in the sand under his towel in an effort to deter would-be key thieves; then promptly lost his keys while drying himself - so ardently wished for a convenient place to cache his essentials; while Jon, with a slight case of germophobia, had wished, while losing, stepping on or drenching expensive smart devices at the gym, that there was a way to hang on to his stuff and - at the same time - to not lie on other people’s sweat. 

Ding! A bell went off and an idea for a business had emerged, fully-formed and ready to go: a beautiful, high-quality gym or beach towel that had waterproof pockets for your stuff and a layer of protection between you and that big, sweaty guy who was your predecessor on the weight bench. Who wouldn’t want that?

The two friends, who had always wanted to be in business together, realized that this was a great idea - THE idea - and something they could do together. Pooling the expertise garnered by their respective, successful careers in business, the duo put the pieces together and thus, Towelmate was born.

Dedicated to creating lifestyle products that put the fun back in function, Towelmate Gym, Golf, Beach and Pool towels and accessories combine great design, intuitive features and functions; all created with the idea of making people’s lives better - and a little more germ free. A win-win all around.

Welcome to the world of Towelmate!