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Posted on January 15, 2013 by Olivia
Top 5 Tips For Proper Gym Etiquette

Proper gym etiquette is not rocket science, but if you are new to using a public gym, you do need to know the basics to avoid angering and annoying the other gym patrons, causing serious injuries, or spreading your germs to everyone else. Check your specific gym for a complete list of rules, but the following 5 tips are the ones that can be used anywhere you work out to keep you out of trouble with your fellow gym goers.

Tip 1: Towel Off The Equipment After Use
Does the thought of sitting in someone else’s sweat or grabbing sweaty weight bars make you cringe? It is not only just gross, but also leaving your sweat on gym equipment can cause the next user to slip, lose his or her grip and can spread illness-causing germs. Sometimes disinfectant and paper towels are available, but it is much easier to carry your own gym towel and small bottle of disinfectant around with you. A gym towel with a zipper pocket is perfect for this.

Tip 2: Share The Equipment
When the gym is full, be sure to limit yourself to an effective number of reps, so that others can get their workout in as well. If you notice that someone is waiting for your machine, you can simply ask if they need to use it. If they answer yes, you can finish up quickly, towel the machine off, and move on to the next exercise. This is another time having your own gym towel or disinfectant in a towel with pockets can make your life much easier.

Tip 3: Come To Workout
People come to the gym to work out. They have limited time to do so, and they want to work out in a relaxed environment where they can focus or just zone-out. If you come to the gym with one or more friends and the group is laughing, being loud and taking up space, it can be very irritating to others. Try to come to the gym only to work out and save the social time for later.

Tip 4: Put Things Back Where They Go
We have already talked about the importance of carrying your own gym towel to wipe down the weight bars and other gym equipment when you are done with them, but did you know you should also put the weights back in order? Always put the lite weights in front of the heavier ones. It might take an extra minute, but some people will not be able to move the heavier weights to get to the lighter ones if they are returned incorrectly.

Tip 5: Think Safety
Keep yourself and others safe by using a little common sense in the gym. Give others space and don’t get too close when they are lifting heavy weights. Keep your stuff (gym towel, keys, phone, disinfectant spray, etc.) up off the floor so it won’t be tripped over, and be sure to keep your towel handy to wipe up any puddles of sweat or drips from your water bottle so that no one slips and falls.

Do these 5 simple things and you will help yourself and others have a good, productive and safe workout at the gym!
Got more suggestions or gym pet peeves? Leave them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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