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Posted on January 10, 2013 by Olivia
Top 3 Reasons You Should Stop Looking at the Scale!

Ready to workout and get fit? You probably already have your new gym membership, your p90x workout equipment and videos, or your Tony Horton workouts all ready to go. But did you know that the best fitness gift you can give yourself is to stop looking at the scale? That’s right, all of the trips to the gym, p90x workout equipment, and Tony Horton workouts in the world can’t help you if you constantly keep stepping on the scale and sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Think about it for a minute… You work out all week, you eat every last bit of clean food on your diet plan, and you even skip that big slice of chocolate cake at your son’s birthday party only to find—GASP—you gained a pound this week!?!? But how? Why? What tha…? It is infuriating enough to make you go gorge yourself on sweet treats and pizza right that instant. However, you would have never known the difference if it weren’t for that dreadful little scale, right?

If that scenario isn’t enough to convince you to get rid of the evil contraption right away, here are three reasons you should stop looking at the scale:

Reason #1: The Scale May be Wrong
You may find this hard to believe, but those cheap scales you get at the department store are not all that accurate. Step on three different scales, and chances are, you’ll get three different weights. Why throw away all of the effort you’ve put into those Tony Horton workouts over what a cheap gadget tells you?

Reason #2: Muscle Weighs More Than Fat
If you have been putting in hours at the gym or have been pushing your p90x workout equipment to the max for weeks, you have probably lost some fat, but you have most likely put on quite a bit of muscle. In the first few weeks, the weight loss on the scale will be more noticeable, but as you continue to lose fat, the scale may show your weight staying more or less the same, or even getting a little higher, because the muscle you are gaining weighs more than the fat you are losing.

Reason #3: Different Factors Can Affect Your Weight
The most notable reason not to toss your gym towel in or give away your Tony Horton workouts or p90x workout equipment to the local Goodwill after reading your scale, is that different factors can affect your weight at different times. The first is water retention. After certain meals or at different times of the month, both women and men can retain water. This will instantly add up to 3 pounds to your weight at any given time. Second, you have to weigh at the same time of day each day, just to attempt to get a valid result on the scale. Third, different shoes and clothing can cause the scale to show a different weight measurements, which could mean a pound or two difference in weight either way if you don’t wear the same thing every day.
So as you can see, you should give yourself the best fitness gift there is: stop looking at your scale, and instead focus on how you look, feel and fit into your clothes as a better measure of how much weight you have lost and how successful your weight loss efforts are.

Have you thrown out your scale yet? Share your stories below!

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