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Posted on July 11, 2012 by Ricky
Fresh and Fun Girl’s Night Ideas

Fresh and Fun Girl’s Night Ideas
Dancing the night away and enjoying some cocktails in the club can be fun, but why not plan something new and unique for your next girl’s night get together? Here are a few ideas that get the ladies together, still serve up some drinks, and encourage a new setting and theme for the evening away from partners and children!

Book Exchange Party
Swapping books is a fun and affordable activity. While many of us have a Kindle or other Ebook devices, books are still sitting around the house on shelves or tables. Grab one and out with the old, in with the new!

Wine Swap
Similar to the book exchange theme, having the girls bring a bottle of wine to swap also is a fun and tasty way to try something new. Serve up a cutting board of assorted cheese and fruit and crackers to serve as edible décor.

Backyard Movie Night
Roll out some blankets and grab posh pillows. A movie played from a portable projector onto a screen or on the side of your garage outdoors brings the drive in movie feel to you in the comfort of your back yard. Pass the popcorn, pout the wine, and enjoy a movie in the summer air with the company of some good friends.

Going out with the girls may be fun, but try one of these themes for your next girl’s night to keep them fresh and chic.

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