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Feel Your Boobies Foundation

10% of Proceeds Benefits Feel Your Boobies



TowelMate is honored to team up with Feel Your Boobies Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When you purchase one of our pink products like the Bubblegum/Black Fitness Towel, Bubblegum/White Golf Towel, Maroon Hibiscus, Zebralicious or Ziggy Stripe Ultimate Beach Towel, or our Bubblegum Handlebar Covers, 10% of the retail price will go directly to Feel Your Boobies Foundation.  We support Feel Your Boobie’s mission to educate young women to conduct regular self exams and help save lives by raising awareness.



The Feel Your Boobies Foundation focuses on one simple mission (and we have since 2004): using media and other unconventional outreach to remind young women to ‘feel their boobies’. Over the past few years, provocative breast cancer slogans have become more popular…and while we’re all about a good chuckle, we’d like to make sure our supporters know that we’re more than a funny slogan. Feel Your Boobies® is a call to action that reminds you about a habit that can increase your chances of early detection and potentially save your life. 

Why focus solely on the use media to spread or message? That’s simple. Since 2004, this campaign has run out of our Founder, Leigh’s, home in a small town in Pennsylvania. With a shoestring budget and a few dedicated volunteers and workers, Feel Your Boobies has reached an international audience with its message and saved lives (read our testimonials!). Media (social media specifically) makes this possible. With over 300K “likes” on facebook and more than 1Million Cause supporters…we’re certainly making waves from this tiny PA town.

Why focus primarily on young women? For women who are pre-mammogram age (under 40), “feeling your boobies” is one of the primary ways to get to know your body and detect changes in your breasts. Even as you get older, this habit can help in making sure you identify a change in your breast as soon as it occurs and bring it to your doctor’s attention. Should the change be breast cancer, early detection is the primary way to increase your chances of surviving this disease.

Feel Your Boobies