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Posted on January 23, 2013 by Olivia
Fad Diets: 8 Reasons They Are A Waste of Your Time, Money and Health

Fad diets seem to be a part of the American way. We eat tons of processed, fast foods, high in trans fats, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and then we think that the horrifying effects of our bad choices can be undone with a month’s worth of downing juice, eating nothing but protein, or replacing meals with diet shakes. Most of these fad diets do work for their intended purpose of losing weight fast, but they rarely work for the long term, and they often cause negative effects to your health. Here are just a few reasons why investing in a gym towel, a good pair of shoes and a gym membership or even some p90x workout equipment is better than investing in a fad diet:

1. Fad Diets Are Only Quick Fixes – When you start a fad diet, you will probably lose weight, and maybe even several pounds, but the weight will quickly come back as soon as you start eating real food or your usual diet again. You have to get active, grab your gym towel and get to the gym to keep the weight off for good.

2. Fad Diets Are Bad For Your Metabolism – When you lose weight quickly, as with a fad diet, your metabolism will slow and adjust to surviving on fewer calories. When you start to eat regularly again, you will gain the weight back and more, because your metabolism will still be much slower. The trick is to work on gaining muscle to speed up your metabolism. My favorite way to do this is through strength training with my p90x workout equipment and videos.

3. Most Fad Diets Only Focus On Food – Eating or not eating certain foods will help you lose weight because you are eating fewer calories, but lean muscle is the furnace that will burn calories when you are at rest, while you are working, and any other time of day or night. Grab your gym towel and hit the gym for some strength training or, again, invest in some good Tony Horton workouts or p90x workout equipment to build muscle from home.

4. Many Fad Diets Cut Out Carbs – Carbohydrates, found in things like fruits and vegetables, are an important part of the fat-burning process. The only way the body can use the energy from fat, thus breaking the fat down and moving it out of the body, is with the help of carbs. You should eat the natural carbs found in fruits and vegetables even when you are trying to lose weight, but stay away from refined carbs like breads and pasta.

5. Fad Diets Can Be Unhealthy – Fad diets often mean deprivation, and if you deprive yourself of vital nutrients, you can damage your bones, organs, brain and eventually even your heart and lungs.

The moral of the story is: lose weight slowly and don’t waste your time or money on fad diets that rob you of your health. Invest in yourself with a healthy diet and exercise plan to enjoy the best health and stay fit for your lifetime.

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