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Posted on August 1, 2012 by Ricky
Creative and Cool Ways to Wrap Gifts

Are you stuck in a wrapping paper rut? Do you resort to putting unwrapped gifts into gift bags because it’s easy and you don’t have any other ideas of ways to present it? If you are interested in getting out of your wrapping rut, be sure to check out the site Older and Wisor to gain some new ideas and to present a uniquely wrapped present to the one that you love for all occasions.

Traditionally, birthday and graduation gifts equal cards with money. Instead of slipping a Benjamin (or two) into a card, check out a new way to incorporate it into your card’s design scheme. It’s a great idea, just in time for graduation parties.

Besides adhering money to cards, there are simple and chic ways to wrap items that stick with a home goods theme for bridal showers and housewarming parties, and will even get you ready for the upcoming holiday season (only 5 months away!).

Possibly the coolest gift wrapping site on the internet, Older and Wisor will give you many new ideas to spice up your gift giving.

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