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Posted on November 12, 2012 by Olivia
Ask TowelMate: High Fat Diet

One of my friends has slowly been losing fat.  I asked her what she is doing differently, and she told me that she eats a lot of coconut oil now.  She still exercises as much as before, but she is so much slimmer now.  Is she telling the truth?

Rachel G.

It does seem counter-intuitive, but your friend is probably telling the truth.  Our whole lives we have been told that fat goes straight to your hips, but now we know that the opposite is true.  Adding two to three tablespoons of coconut oil to your food every day tells your body that it is OK to use fat for energy.   This means that your body is more likely to break down fat when it needs energy rather than muscle tissue, which is more common with starch and sugar heavy diets.  This is the reason that the Atkins diet works so well, but the Atkins diet is not nutritionally balanced.

One month I tried drinking butter and coffee for breakfast every day.  ¾ of a stick of butter and a spoon full of coconut oil blended with a delicious cup of coffee.  It took a few days to adjust to the change, that breakfast was very rich and filling.  I made a mess of the counter and would need to wipe up with a towel, but I would stay full for hours and hours, and I could feel the fat melting off!  That is because breakfast is the most influential for your day’s metabolism.

For a less extreme approach, just cook your eggs in coconut oil and butter your toast with coconut oil., or add it to a smoothie  The results will not be as dramatic as a pure fat breakfast, but it will be noticeable over time.



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