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Posted on July 3, 2012 by Ricky
An Underwater Vacation

A hotel submerged in water? Skylines are so over rated. Check out the Water Discus Hotel in Dubai.

The hotel is surrounded by a coral reef; rooms are as deep as 10 meters below the water’s surface, and can even rotate. For guests who want to forego the underwater accommodations, a large disc-shaped structure above the water boasts a garden, spa, and swimming pool.

Not fixed to the ocean’s floor, it is able to be brought to the surface by its extensive evacuation system that lifts the underwater hotel to the surface in case anything goes wrong.

Coming in around 50 to 120 million dollars, depending on the final design; the hotel even hosts a helicopter launch pad.

Destined to be the vacation of all vacations, the Water Discus Hotel is like stepping into a hotel from the future.

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